Frequently Asked Questions

Death-related Questions

Q: Is "probate" legally required in the State of Washington?

A: No, absolutely not. Other states may require probate, but not the state of Washington. Whether your loved-one's estate must be probated is a case-by-case decision.


Q: Is a living trust better than a will?

A: No. In fact, usually a last will and testament is the better choice as it is easier to maintain and less expensive to prepare.


Business Question

Q: Can I protect my personal assets from my self-employed business?

A: Yes, there are several things you can do to reduce the risk of a self-employed business including forming a corporation or limited liability company.


Property Question

Q: If someone encroaches on my land, does he become the owner of it?

A: Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but in either case, there may be recourse to you. There is the possibility of someone gaining ownership by adverse possession, but the criteria are very specific and it does not occur automatically.